NAS accreditation

We had brilliant feedback for Fairfield House and Oakfield House from the NAS autism accreditation team! A massive well done and thank you to all involved!!
  • 100% of parents and professionals reported they were 'very happy' with the service. One quote was " Fairfield staff are the most dedicated I have seen in practice. They go the extra mile."   
  • Of the team's observations, 5.5% partially met the standards, 77.8% met them and 16.7% met and exceeded the standards.
  • All recommendations from the last review have been met.
  • The two areas of development identified on our interim development report were also met.
  • All the specialist standards were met or met & exceeded.
  • Going forwards, one area for development was identified and five areas of strength were identified.
The full report will be with us in around 6 weeks.