Our Approach

Our approach to teaching and learning allows us to provide students with a balanced range of interesting and stimulating opportunities in conjunction with the key areas of the National Curriculum.  Regular Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings bring together all professionals involved to continually assess students' progress and achievement.

ICT is included in all aspects of our curriculum and students are encouraged to interact with technology at their own level and pace as part of their individual skills development.

Performing Arts
We are devoted to the arts and recognise that music, drama and dance are cornerstones of the complete education we provide.  Performing Arts belongs to everyone and our school has a unique atmosphere of support and respect that helps cultivate the ability and talent of our young people.

Our sessions provide creative music, communication and sensory opportunities of the highest quality which entertain and challenge our students.  We work alongside the community to provide access to our local theatres, autism-friendly cinema showings and our own public festivals and performances throughout the year.

Physical Education
PE gives our students the opportunity to develop their physical and  social skills and to apply those skills in a range of different situations. It also encourages both personal and group achievement to be recognized.

Our students gain maximum benefit from the PE curriculum, with each student working from an individual PE program designed to meet the needs of the student through careful planning and evaluation.

Understanding and exploring physical activity involves using the senses. For a majority of our students a sensory approach is a vital part of their learning process. A multi-sensory approach is used to give our students the opportunity to learn effectively in a way that is suited to their abilities.

We offer our students a wide range of activities, both on and off site including swimming, horse riding and cycling.

Community Based Numeracy and Literacy 
We make use of local community facilities such as shops, parks and outdoor spaces to provide a wide range of numeracy and literacy based learning opportunities. This allows our students to generalise their learning into real-life situations. We promote innovative approaches to meeting goals at each Key Stage of the National Curriculum.

Our students benefit from learning in these areas being fun, stimulating and inclusive. We recognise that those on the Autistic spectrum struggle to transfer principles of learning, so try to overcome these obstacles by integrating numeracy and literacy targets alongside activities of daily life.

Our Staff

Matthew Hudson - Lead Teacher

Matt joined Fairfield in 2012. He graduated with a B.Ed (Honours) from John Moores University in Liverpool in 1995 and has been teaching children with special needs for fifteen out of the seventeen years of his career.
Matt has completed various specialist training courses, including PECS and TEACCH, to support children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions to learn more effectively.